Welcome to Spiritual Warrior by Deepak Chopra

Welcome to Spiritual Warrior by Deepak Chopra

Artists: Deepak Chopra, Kabir Sehgal, Paul Avgerinos
Album: Spiritual Warrior
Released: 2020
Duration: 4:19
Purchase: Amazon, Apple Music
Stream: Tidal

Hello, my assumed identity is Deepak Chopra. Welcome to Spiritual Warrior Meditations on Self Liberation. The spiritual warrior brings light into the world like quelling inner conflict and silencing the voices of destruction. When one is quiet, one can hear an inner voice of silence and serenity. The spiritual warrior brings this tranquility and peacefulness into the world for everyone to experience and emulate. When the world outside is noisy and chaotic. The spiritual warrior is the port in the storm.

We are surrounded by the darkness of ignorance, fear, desire and attachment. All of these things cloud our awareness of how the world truly is and knowing who we are.

When we lose focus or get distracted by that which we want or desire. We’ve put distance and separation between ourselves, others and the world around us. The spiritual warrior recognizes that fear, desire and attachment are an illusion.

A glimmer not of reality, but of inexperience, blindness and darkness. We’re observing and overcoming our knee jerk reaction and detaching from that was fear and want. Only then can we embark on the journey of knowing thyself. We can then develop meaningful relationships with those that. It’s a struggle to tame our impulses and conquer these emotions. Who doesn’t want professional success or personal attainment? Who is in afraid of being left behind or missing out? But these hopes and fears, all attachments that inhibit spiritual progress.

It is a daily battle to become a spiritual warrior. To detach from what we most want. That’s why we’ve adopted the term spiritual warrior to imply such a struggle. Not with other people or adversaries. It’s a reference to the battle within. To still, the body, train the mind and focus the breath, the six work initiative effort, inner fortitude, diligence and practice. The spiritual warrior takes 11 actions, one observe. two confront. three will, four. balance. five think. six rest. seven practice. eight improve. nine serve. ten harmonize. eleven love.

As you listen, relax deeply into the music, allowing it to help you connect with your true, essential nature. May these vibrations resonate within you. Striking the chords of clarity so that you can discover your inner harmony. We hope that these musical meditations will help you embark upon a path towards becoming a spiritual warrior, living a life that embraces wisdom, shuns ignorance and embodies peace and unconditional love.

[Music continues]


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