The Near Death Experience: Waking up to Life - Near Death Meditation

The Near Death Experience: Waking up to Life - Near Death Meditation


Artists: Jonathan Robinson and Douglas Prater
Album: The Near Death Experience: Waking up to Life
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Near Death Meditation

Relax, and make yourself comfortable.

Today I’m going to guide you to meditate on a subject we tend to avoid our own death. Although we tend not to think about it much, of course, Sunday, we all will die. by meditating on your own death, you’ll likely find that new insights and new openings occur for you. So today, I’ll guide you on a journey in which you imagine that today is your last day on earth. You’re about to take a deep journey into unknown territory. Although you may think that you have many years ahead of you. The time of our death is an open question. Over 3000 people will die from car accidents today. Somewhere in the world, and thousands more will die suddenly and unexpectedly.

Death can truly happen at any time.

For the sake of this guided journey, imagine you’re given for knowledge that you have only eight minutes left to live.

Eight minutes to prepare, eight minutes
to say some goodbyes, eight minutes to think about how you lived your life during your brief time on Earth. Many people who are near death say they end up reviewing their life as they face their mortality. So let’s begin this journey by thinking about what you’re most proud of.
As you look over the course of your life.
When were the moments when you feel really good about what you were doing or had done it could be little moments of love or great feats of a accomplishment.

What shows up for you as moment you are most proud of?

What else were you most proud of? During your life?

Now is seven minutes left.

Let’s consider what are some of your regrets?

What do you wish you had done but never got to do and what might be something you did that you wish you had not done?

Are there any people that you feel incomplete with and you regret that you never got to tell them how you feel.

If there’s someone you feel you’d want to complete with, imagine that in your mind right now, and tell them what you’d want to say to them. Do this now with any one person from your life. Tell them what you want to say in your mind.

Now with about five minutes left, I want you to imagine your own funeral with friends and family gathered around to pay their final respects to you.

As you imagine the people gathered at your funeral. Notice who bother to show up. And as you look at them, get a sense of what they think of you are you satisfied with your reputation or What you’re known for
now as you imagine them putting your body in the ground.

Think of all the great treasures of earth you need to say goodbye to
the snow capped mountains gorgeous blue lakes, redwood forests.

Green covered hills.

As favorite nature’s bought you’ve seen pass through your mind. Take a moment to say goodbye to each of them and thank them for the way they added to the beauty in your life.

Now allow yourself to remember and say goodbye to any animals who have ever loved dogs, cats, even the singing birds and the trees near where you live. feel gratitude as each one appears in your mind.

And say goodbye to all these amazing beings in the animal kingdom.

Now, with just over three minutes left, begin saying your goodbyes to friends and family who have long been with you and loved you. As each person or child rises in your mind, imagine telling them you love them. Giving them a grateful at the heart filled out.

Who else have you loved?

Imagine giving them a hug and saying your goodbyes.

Finally, heal your body and begin to say goodbye to your own body.

This magical vehicle giving you the opportunity to enjoy the many pleasures and possibilities of life on your body.

Thank you for service. Say goodbye to it. As you get ready to say goodbye to everything with about 70 seconds left, take one more chance to give a final goodbye to one special person in your life. Say whatever you need to say to them. That’s the last time you’ll ever communicate with them.

You’re now down to 40 seconds before you leave everything and everyone you’ve ever known. Prepare yourself however you can.

Focus on your heart on the center of your chest and go deep within. As you get ready to surrender to the mystery of death.

Give 15 more seconds, hear your heartbeat and get ready for letting go of this world.


1 surrender to the void.

Let go completely into this moment.

From your witnessing mind, notice the various thoughts and sensations floating by your awareness.

As you float in this ocean of awareness, you get an inner revelation.

You become aware that you’ll get a chance to be reborn into a human body. You can do whatever you want in this new life. You can laugh, dance, become a workaholic, be happier, depressed, it’s all up to you.

Life is your gift and you can do with it whatever you want.

If you choose when you return to Earth, you can imagine people or pets you’ve loved before welcoming you back into your human form.

Soon you’ll hear a song. And as the song plays, allow yourself to feel your connection and gratitude to all those who you have loved.

Feel your gratitude for being welcomed back to Earth by those who have loved Take care

Take care

Now rest in your heart, feel the deep peace and love that has always been within your heart.

Now that your mind is quieter. In a few moments, I’m going to ask you three questions as you hear each question

I want you to listen for whatever intuitive answers Arise for you and feel right for you.

The first question is, what do you need to know?

What do you need to do to be even happier in your life?

What do you need to know do to be even happier in your life?

Listen for any intuitive answer that feels right for you.

What would make you even happier?

Second question, what have you been putting off or avoiding that you really need to take care of?

Once again, what have you been putting off or avoiding that you really need to take care of?

Listen for any answers that feel right

What else have you been avoiding?

Last question, what’s a dream you have that you want to make sure you accomplish before you really die?

What do you want to make sure you accomplish before you really die?

Listen for what excites you.

What else do you want to accomplish?

In a few moments, you’ll gradually be guided back to being fully in your body. As you get ready to enter back into your body, and life on Earth a new think of something or someone you’re grateful for.

With luck, you’ll have many more years to explore and create the life you want during your time on Earth. When you’re ready, and when you’re looking forward to your journey of life in human form, slowly begin to move your body a bit. And then very slowly, take your time.

Begin to open your eyes to the magical world. We all didn’t know If you received some helpful guidance to the three questions I just asked, you’d be good to briefly write down what you received.

Hopefully, you’ll find a pen and paper near you so you can write down some brief notes.

Once again, the three questions were, what do you need to know or do to be even happier in your life? What are you putting off avoiding? What dream do you have like to achieve before you really die?

Take some quiet time now.

Write down your answers and sit back peacefully.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


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