The Near Death Experience: Waking up to Life - Near Death Meditation Instructions

The Near Death Experience: Waking up to Life - Near Death Meditation Instructions


Artists: Jonathan Robinson and Douglas Prater
Album: The Near Death Experience: Waking up to Life
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Near Death Meditation Instructions

Hi, I’m Jonathan Robinson. I want to thank you for exploring this program. I’m confident you’ll find it to be very valuable and impactful. This program is divided into three tracks.

The first track, the one you’re listening to now is a bit of background and explanation of what to expect from this powerful meditation experience. In addition, on this track, I’ll describe how to best prepare for the approximately 20 minute meditation that follows.

Finally on track three, all for guidance as to how to make use of what you learn from the near death meditation experience.

All three tracks are supported by the innovative sound technology of iAwake Technologies and are designed to deepen and enhance your experience.

Listen with headphones if you can and be sure to drink water once the Meditation is done to rehydrate yourself.

I’ve been leading this meditation for over 20 years in my seminars. Surprisingly, many people have told me it’s one of the most valuable and life transforming experiences of their entire life. You may be skeptical, and that’s fine. But if you prepare for this experience in the right way, I think you too will find it to be incredibly potent.

I created this particular guided meditation after a life transforming experience I had many years ago. While traveling abroad, I enlisted a shuttle van to take me to the local airport. It was a cold morning, and the roads were a bit icy in spots.

I thought the driver was going very fast, but unfortunately, neither I nor the six other passengers in the band told them to slow down. Then at one spot on the road, we hit a patch of black eyes and the entire band ended up getting down the road sideways at about 80 miles an hour. As I saw the band barrel towards a cliff, I knew my life might be over any second.

In those moments, time stood still, in what probably amounted to just a few seconds, I had a spontaneous review of my entire life. From this timeless place between life and death, I got to see specific instances in my life where I was both on purpose and off purpose. I got to see moments of regret and moments of triumph. And from this transcendent perspective, I got to see what was most important to me during this brief time I was given on Earth.

Well, it ends up the band did go over the cliff, but fortunately, the cliff was not very high. Unfortunately, I was hit so hard by something in the van that my back was broken, and my heart apparently stopped from the impact.

During the time my heart was not beating, I had what has often been called the near death experience. I saw a bright light and was filled with a sense of love beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Once again, I got clear sense of what was really important in my life. I even got a message that said, If I managed to live, I should become a writer of books. Well, low and behold, there happened to be a firetruck right behind our van and they saw what happened and got to us within a matter of a couple of minutes. A fireman gave me CPR, and my heart started beating again.

Luckily, the other six passengers also survived, although one of them tragically became a quadriplegic. While recovering in the hospital, I tried to understand what had just happened to me. I felt like a different person in some ways. I entered that man not knowing what I wanted to do for work or what my purpose in life was.

Two weeks later, when I left the hospital, I knew what I was here to do. That clarity helped me to become a successful author of 12 books, and reach over 100 million people on shows such as Oprah and the tonight show, as well as publications such as USA Today and Newsweek. In life, clarity is power.

I tell you all this so you’ll have a better understanding as to how this meditation works, and why it’s a good idea to experience it. Research shows that the single most powerful way to transform a person’s life quickly is for them to have a near death experience. Unfortunately, being closed Death is not an easy thing to experience and if you miscalculate, you end up dead. Therefore, my goal was to create a guided meditation that powerfully simulated being near death, complete with time for life review. It has been my hope that through this safe simulation, people could get much of the benefit of a near death experience without the trauma or risk.

To my amazement, I found that the guided meditation you’ll hear on track two is surprisingly effective in simulating many have the same feelings, experiences and insights that a real near death experience often creates.

In order to maximize the chances of you having a good experience with this meditation. I want to give you some guidelines that will help to ensure its positive impact.

First of all, be sure to create a safe sacred space when you decide to listen to the meditation. That means turn off all phone and make sure you have no interruptions and give yourself plenty of time to recover from the experience. If possible, I suggest you engage in a quieting activity right before listening to this meditation that might involve going for a quiet walk in nature, or meditating or listening to a favorite iAwake track. The more you set the stage for this powerful experience, the more likely it will have an ongoing positive impact on your life.

Once you’ve created a quiet time and space to listen to the meditation, make yourself comfortable and if possible, listen to the meditation with headphones. The special iAwake sound use to support this guided experience are even more impactful when headphones are used. Also, be sure to have a pen and journal nearby so you can write down insights gained immediately after the meditation is completed. By preparing in this manner, you’ll be maximizing the chances of having an experience that will greatly benefit your life.

One last thing, this meditation is not meant to be a relaxing or even enjoyable experience. It’s meant to be intense. Just as having a real near death experience is intense. You may find parts of it enjoyable, but you may find parts of it to be rather emotional, or confronting or even a little scary.

If you listen to this meditation several times over the course of the year, you may find your experience changes in significant ways each time you listen to it. So just allow your session to be whatever it is, and know that whatever you experience, it’s exactly what you need for your growth at this point, in your life.

So in essence, I’m saying, Be open to whatever happens. Allow yourself to fully dive into the various feelings that come up for you. Soon after you listen to the near death meditation. Be sure to listen to the third and final track. on that track, I’ll offer some tips on how to integrate the insights you’ve received during the meditation into your daily life. I’m confident you’ll find this information to be a great value to you.

Once again, thank you for listening to this program and giving this gift to yourself. May the meditation helped you to live a fuller, more meaningful and more purposeful life. I wish you the very best in your journey.


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