The Generous Present Moment by Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Generous Present Moment (Download)

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This meditation is called the generous present moment.

There’s so much talk about the present moment, being in the now. And I want to offer a little different spin on this concept so that you can begin to understand that only when you are truly in the present moment that you’re connected to all possibilities in the quantum field. Most people wake up in the morning, and they search for the familiar feeling called themselves. Now that feeling is usually an end product of an experience from the past. Emotions are the residue of past experiences chemically. So the moment we get in touch with the familiar feeling that we call ourselves. If emotions are a record of the past, then for the most part, we’re starting our day in the past.

Usually, those emotions and feelings are connected to memories that are defined by certain people in certain places with certain things at certain times and The brain begins to fire in a very predictable way. And if your brain is a record of the past, the moment you combine a thought or a memory with an emotion, your brain and body are in the past. And if how you think and how you feel creates your state of being, then most people start their day with their entire state of being in the past.

So how you think, and how you feel creates your future. So for the most part most people’s past is creating their future. By the same means if you wake up in the morning, and you run through a series of routine behaviors that you’ve been doing for the last 10 years, and you follow a certain program, where you get up in the morning, you get out of bed on the same side, you use the toilet, you get a cup of coffee, you take a shower, you get dressed, you answer a few emails, you eat breakfast, you drive to work the same way you do the same things at work. You see the same people at the same place. You watch the same television shows you call the same people, you text the same people, you get ready for bed and you do the same thing the next day. If a habit is a redundant set of automatic unconscious thoughts, behaviors and emotions that’s acquired through frequent repetition. If a habit is when you’ve done something so many times the body now knows how to do it better than the brain, then you’ve been doing that for an extended period of time. Your body is on autopilot. And it’s dragging you into a predictable future based on what you did in the past. In fact, we could take your yesterday your past and set it on tomorrow your future, and for the most part, it would look exactly the same. So then people lose their freewill to an automatic program, and most people are not in the present moment. So I assert that if you’re not in the present moment, then you and I are running a program. Think about this, that most people then when they’re waking up in the morning And they’re running through a series of automatic behaviors, if they can predict the feeling of every experience that’s going to take place in their life, and feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences, the moment you can anticipate the feeling of any experience, then nothing new is going to happen in your life. And in fact, if something new were to happen in your life, it would break your routine and most people would choose not to engage that experience because it would be inconvenient. Now, where you place your attention is where you place your energy. And if you’re waking up in the morning, and you’re putting all of your attention on your feelings and feelings and emotions are a record of the past, than most of your energies in the past, and if those emotions are connected to certain memories, then for the most part, your entire attention and energy is in the past and you are siphoning energy out of the present moment. By the same means if you’re waking up in the morning and you’re thinking about all the people you have to see and all the places you have to go And all the things you have to do and you’re known familiar reality, throughout the course of the day, the moment you start thinking about and putting your attention on that predictable future that known, you’re siphoning energy out of the present moment into a predictable future, and your body is going to follow your mind to the known over and over again. So then, if you’re thinking the same way, if you’re acting the same way, and you’re feeling the same way every single day, and how you think how you act and how you feel is called your personality, and your personality creates your personal reality. Then for the most part, 95% of most people’s personalities have become programmed, subconsciously, their body is running the show. So then it makes sense that in order for us to begin to connect to that field, that unified field, or all possibilities exist, that we are going to have to get beyond the habits and emotions that define us as a body. That means that we have to take our attention off our body, we also have to begin to realize that our identity our personality has been developed over our lifetime, that’s connected to certain people, and certain objects and things in certain places in our external environment, and for keeping all of our attention then on our environment, people into things in places, then if we took our attention off the people, we would
become no one.

If we took our attention off of things and objects in our life, we would be in nothing. If we were no longer thinking about the places we have to go, we would be in nowhere. And if we were no longer thinking about our schedule, or a predictable future or familiar past, and we were truly in the present moment, we would be in no time. And it’s that elegant moment where you are nobody. No one, no thing, nowhere in no time that you begin to connect. To the quantum field.

So then the quantum field is an invisible field of information that exists beyond this space and time. There’s no people there. There’s no things, there’s no objects, there’s no places, there isn’t even bodies or time. So take away all the planets, all the moons, all the stars, all the lights, all the asteroids, all the bodies, all the people, and you’re left with an infinite blackness, and that’s the quantum field. Now, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. So then this space and time is made up of three dimensions, and we can experience those three dimensions with our senses. Then, when we begin to move beyond this three dimensional reality, we are going to have to experience the quantum field not with our senses, but with our awareness. And so when you unfold As a consciousness as an awareness into this infinite black space, aware that you’re aware in this endless field of possibilities, if you can linger there and keep your attention off of the knowns, the longer you linger in the unknown, the more you create an unknown or new experience or opportunity in your life. If you find your mind returning to familiar people, to your body to things or places or time you’re back in this three dimensional reality, and because your attention is on matter in this three dimensional reality, so is your energy. And now you have to play by the laws of space and time, which means you can set goals and you can have dreams, but you’re gonna have to drag your body through space to get what you want, and it’s going to take time. In the quantum though, if you’re truly in the present moment, and you’ve gotten beyond yourself. Now when I say getting beyond yourself, it means then that you’re no longer a face, a culture, a gender, you’re no longer a diet, you’re no longer a profession, a mother, a daughter, you’re not a name, associate security number, you’re not a skin color, you’re not your past. You’re just awareness, you’re just the consciousness. That’s what it means to get beyond yourself. And when you truly get beyond yourself, you begin to connect to that unified field. And when you connect to that unified field, it’s called the unified field because it governs all the laws of nature. And that quantum field then is where all possibilities exist.

So then when you experience reality with your senses, you experience separation. There’s me over here, and there’s you over there. There’s you at your present point in your life and then there’s your dreams and your future. And because there’s a separation between between two points in consciousness, then we always have time. In the quantum, when you begin to connect to this infinite field of energy and information, you experience less separation and more oneness
and connectedness.

And as we begin to unfold deeper into it, and we begin to pay attention to it, surrender into it, we begin to experience our consciousness merging with a greater consciousness. And the collapsing of those two points in consciousness allows us to experience no time or eternal time. That place is the place that is perfect to create in. Now, we also know based on our research that when people are living by the hormones of stress, and they’re shifting their attention from one person to one problem to one thing to one place in their life. Each one of those people and things in places has a neurological network assigned to it in the brain because they’ve experienced it already and experience enriches the brain. So The hormones of stress caused the brain and body to get aroused. And then we try to control and predict and force outcomes in our life. And if you were to measure the brain when it does that, those brain waves are very incoherent like a lightning storm, those different networks are firing very incoherently.
When you take your attention off the people in your life off your body off the objects and things or places in time that has defined you, it means then if you’re no longer thinking about them, you’re no longer activating those circuits in your brain. And if you’re no longer activating those circuits in your brain, all of a sudden your brainwaves change from beta brainwaves to alpha brainwaves, but not just any kind of alpha brainwaves. A very orderly coherent level of alpha. And when you do this properly, all of a sudden the brain moves from an incoherent firing to more coherence and different compartments of the brain that we’re working against. each other all of a sudden start to synchronize, and what sinks in the brain links in the brain, and you start experiencing more wholeness, or more oneness reflected in your biology. So then as your brainwaves move from beta to alpha and you’re analyzing less, you’re slowing down your brainwaves. Your consciousness or your awareness is beginning to tap into or connect to your autonomic nervous system.

Now your autonomic nervous system controls most of your bodily functions, it’s giving you life. And when you get out of the way, and you surrender to it, it could step in and do what it loves to do best. That is to create balance in order and your body. And so many people in this work, when they finally got beyond themselves, and they surrendered, that intelligence moved in and did the healing for them, or at least created a new outcome in their life. So then, as we begin to unfold into this unified field, the habit is to begin to think about people to think about things or objects or places or where you have to go in your schedule to think about what happened yesterday, or what you’re going to do soon as the meditation is over. And when you do that, you’ve lost the present moment because your attention is on your body, on the environment,
and on time.

And the whole purpose of this meditation is to get beyond your body, to get beyond your environment and your association to your environment based on an identity and to get beyond time. And if you do that properly, you will forget about yourself. And in that moment, you will lose track of space and time. And it’s the practice of returning back to the present moment, over and over again. That begins to create the distinction between when you’re present and when you’re not. And if you keep practicing, being present, and catching yourself moving off the present moment, and coming back, it will become a skill and of where you place your Your attention is where you place your energy and all of your attention. And all of your energy is in the present moment. You have a lot of energy to heal, you have a lot of energy to create something new in your life. Just a couple tips before you begin. Remember, the hormones of stress causes us to feel frustrated, impatient, angry, fearful, vigilant, pain, sadness. Those are all the emotions from the hormones of stress that create those specific states. And when you’re under the gun of the fight or flight nervous system, and you begin to experience those emotions, remember the brain gets aroused and when it gets aroused, it moves into a frequency brainwave pattern called the high beta brainwaves. So if you catch yourself getting emotional, and getting frustrated, or impatient or angry, remember, you’re moving away from the operating system. of the autonomic nervous system, simply stop, return back to the present moment, settle your body down and unfold back into that infinite field. Every time you do that, you are reconditioning your body to a new mind and you’re telling it, it’s no longer the mind, that you’re the mind. If by chance you start thinking about getting up, or how long the music’s gonna go, or you’re too busy, or you have people to see your texts to check or emails to do, just become aware that your attention is in the predictable future, you’re going to do all those things. Anyway. Stop, return back into the present moment again and unfold back into possibility. Every time you do that, you’re disinvesting your energy out of the known and you’re making room for the unknown.

If you’re sitting there, and you start thinking about getting up and having a cup of coffee, or eating breakfast, doing Something that involves your senses, become aware that you’re in a habit. And know that your body is going to eat when you’re done with the meditation, stop, return back into the present moment, and unfold into that infinite vast space. Every single time you do that, you’re executing a will that’s greater than the program.

And it’s this action that frees the body, from the program from the chains of its emotional past. And every time you return back to the present moment, you’re telling it it’s no longer the mind, the chair the mind and you begin to liberate energy, going from particle to wave from matter to energy, and now you have valuable energy to design a new destiny. So then I invite you to find the sweet spot of the generous present moment.


Sit up straight.

Eyes closed.

Slowly take a breath and inhale.

And, exhale.

And, relax.

Again, inhale through your nose.

And, as you exhale, relax.


And one more slow, steady breath through your nose.

And, as you exhale, feel your body relax.

And, now become aware of the infinite black space behind your eyes, in space.

And, become aware of the depth of the blackness, way out beyond you in this endless, vast, space. How far can your awareness go
into the blackness of forever?

And, now it’s time to become: Nobody. No one. No thing. Nowhere. In no time. To become pure consciousness, to unfold as an awareness
into this infinite black space and endless field where all possibilities exist.

Moving beyond, space and time.

To invest your attention and your energy into the infinite unknown. The longer you linger in the unknown, the more you create possibilities in your life.

Aware, that you’re aware in this endless, vast, space.

Continuously surrendering any aspect of the limited self to join the greater self.

To lose your self in nothing to become everything.

Surrender deeper, to the blackness, of this void.

And, if you as the quantum observer find your mind returning to the knowns. It’s your identity that’s connected, to familiar people, objects, things or places, in your known familiar reality, to your body, to your emotions or habits, to thinking about a predictable future, in time, or remembering the familiar past, in time, simply become aware that your attention is on matter. On three dimensional reality, in space and time. Pause for a moment. Become aware and unfold as an awareness to this endless, black, space, beyond space and time.

Stay present.

[Music continues]

Slowly, bring your awareness back to your body.

To your environment and to this time.

And, when you’re ready you can slowly open your eyes and come back to the world of the senses.

In this three dimensional, space and time.