The Generous Present Moment by Dr. Joe Dispenza (Progressive & Intensive Workshops)

The Generous Present Moment (Download)

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The Generous Present Moment Meditation

Sit up straight, eyes closed.

Slowly take a breath and inhale.

And, exhale and relax.

Again, inhale through your nose.

Hold it

and as you exhale.


And one more slow, steady breath through your nose

And as you exhale, feel your body relax.

Now become aware of the infinite black space behind your eyes in space and become aware of the depth of the blackness, way out beyond you in the endless, vast, space.

How far can your awareness go into the blackness of forever? And now it’s time to become nobody.

No one.

No thing.


In no time.

To become pure consciousness, to unfold as an awareness into this infinite black space and eternal field were all possibilities exist. Moving beyond space and time. To invest your attention and your energy to the infinite unknown. And, the longer you linger in the unknown, the more you create possibilities in your life. Aware, that you’re aware in this endless endless, vast, space.

Continuously surrendering any aspect of the limited self to join the greater self.

To lose your self in nothing to become everything.

Surrender deeper, to the blackness, of this void.

And, if you as the quantum observer find your mind returning to the knowns. It’s your identity that’s connected, to familiar people, objects, things or places, in your known familiar reality, to your body, to your emotions or habits, to thinking about a predictable future, in time, or remembering the familiar past, in time, simply become aware that your attention is on matter. On three dimensional reality, in space and time. Pause for a moment. Become aware and unfold as an awareness to this endless, black, space, beyond space and time.

Stay present.

[Music continues]

Slowly, bring your awareness back to your body. To your environment and to this time. And, when you’re ready you can slowly open your eyes and come back to the world of the senses. In this three dimensional, space and time.