The Future Beyond 2012 by David Elliott

The Future Beyond 2012 by  David Elliott

Artist: David Elliott
Album: The Future Beyond 2012
Released: 2012
Genre: New Age
Duration: 22:50
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Hello, my name is David Elliot and I’m gonna lead you through a meditation that I’m calling, two thousand and twelve and beyond. So, in my line of work I often have people asking me about the future and I generally say I don’t know. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future however I have had a lot of intuitions that this is a very special time. A very special window here in the year 2012. 2012, for many reasons and I won’t spend any time talking about the Mayan calendar because I don’t know that much about it however I will make a couple comments about the things I’ve noticed.

The things I’ve noticed about this time period is there’s a lot of energy a lot of restlessness I’m calling it the great migration as I have many friends and acquaintances who are moving many moving cross-country several moving out of the country people feeling that it’s time to try something new experience something new the ones who have been doing this for a few years, I’ve been calling them the pioneers the ones who are out on the front edge of the curve and have been in movement for the last several years and there’s this wave that’s happening now.

So, if you’re feeling a restlessness in your life. A time where something’s pushing you. The window that I’m living in that I’ve noticed this I moved to Los Angeles in 1987 and it has felt like a 25 year window here if I’m doing the math correct has completed itself and I am finding myself looking at some different horizons looking at some different places where I’m wanting to put down some more roots. Some different roots.

So, if you have any of that going on I’ll encourage you to just relax take a couple breaths feel into that just notice what what’s calling you what’s your spirit nudging you to explore to take a look at. What is your future holding for you? What are you doing now that’s going to be growing maturing and bearing fruit in these years to come?

So, in this next meditation we’ll do some breathing into that. Some exploration with our creativity, some imagination with inviting not only our creativity but our spirit to come in and guide us. Show us what’s next. Where we’re headed. Which way the compass is pointing.

So, as in all of my meditations, if you haven’t set your space it’d be a good time now to set your space. If you are feeling have been feeling a little claustrophobic and boxed in, maybe move to a different place in your house. Go outside if you can find a good place to breathe. Create a new a new opportunity for this exploration and as you get your place set if you want you’re welcome to turn off the CD for a moment. Turn off the recording of this person talking to you and get your space set and when we come back on, we’ll begin the meditation.


Alright, so as we get ready to breathe.

If this is your first time breathing with me just do a brief explanation. So, this type of breathing is an active breathing meditation called pranayama yoga.

Basically we’re going to be taking in oxygen not unlike exercising something where you’re actively breathing a little more than just your normal sitting around thinking breathing. So, the breathing is all done in and out through the mouth. Taking two inhales in and then exhaling. So, the first inhale is in the low belly. Second inhale in the high chest and then exhale. Sounding like this.

You just continue breathing. There is a breather helping support you in the background. You can follow along with her. Nice gentle breathing. As we breathe, immediately starting to feel the body relax the body continuing to breathe in a nice gentle rhythm.

An active meditation, working using the breath.

Most of the work actually takes place in this first three or four minutes and that work is just to get the brain to relax so that you can work with the breathe, open your energy up. Very good. Just continuing. So, your whole job is just to breathe.

Work. Trusting. Letting Go. Let the body relax. Let the breath continue. Encourage the brain. Allow the breath to help you open up, so the heart can guide you, so the heart can be your compass on this journey.

Good. So, some of you are already tingling and vibrating and I encourage you to keep trusting. Trusting the breath. Trusting in your spirit. As your breathing, letting your imagination open. We start looking into the future, it’s easy to start to feel anxious. We can’t control the future.

And like many animals who migrate like many birds in particular, but many types of animals who prepare for seasons and changes. It’s a natural process often times we fight with that process
so as you are breathing notice any pre-existing feeling, any tension is there and relax it. If there’s any confusion in your body relax, relax it and let the breath move through it.

Most of us like to know what’s going to happen before we do something. We like the sure bet. Le’ts say in this process you have full capacity to imagine. Full capacity to listen. Full capacity to interpret what your spirit has been bringing to you.

As you start to feel more deeply into the body and notice any of the places where energy is getting stuck. As you open those places relax through the hips relax through the knees open the feet open the seat to exchange energy with the Earth to feel supported to feel the support of any movement traveling carrying that’s part of your journey and as you breathe, I’ll ask you what’s your purpose here? What work do you have left to do here? Is there another location waiting for you? Is there another group of people waiting for you to show up to exchange energy with? To help each other Are there people waiting for you to ask them for help?

Is there places within your imagination, places within your own faith about who you are and the work you’re here to do are there places that you’re waiting to say yes to? Are there places that you are waiting to step up and take a risk and take more risk?
To expose how much love you’re willing to take a stand.

Are you holding back? Are you waiting? Maybe the time is now. If you’re feeling a push from the universe. If you’re feeling an urgency. It’s very probable that that time is now. So, as you are breathing, just noticing. I’ve been feeling this for a while. I’m Restless. There’s something I’m supposed to be doing.

As you explore into it and make a move toward it. Notice what happened. What opens up. If you’re fighting against something it will cost you. It will take life force and drain it off if you’re engaging with something that you’re supposed to be doing. Something that your spirit is invested in you doing. Something that maybe you have a contract that you have agreed to come here and do, then you’ll find a big exchange waiting for you as you say yes.

Yes, there are people waiting for me to lend them a hand. Yes, the Mother Earth is waiting for me to take a stand for her. Yes, my ancestors are waiting for me to say yes to becoming all that I can be. Whatever it is. So, as you are breathing if there’s a restless feeling inside of you. I’m focusing on that. I’m focusing energy on that for you to feel it.

And, just noticing as you are breathing does it take a lot of energy to explore into the future? There’s no doubt that as humans it’s very important for us to master the present moment to be in it as fully as we can.

It’s more difficult for us to move out into the future and sometimes there are those of us who are called upon to look, to look out ahead. To feel and listen into the future like sensing the weather. Sensing what’s coming. Smelling in the rain. Watching for the signs of fall.
Smelling the signs of spring. Whatever those are. So, what is your calling? Where are you called to be? What are you called to be doing? Are you doing it yet?

What season of Life are you approaching? Good and now I’m just going to have you start to breathe through the nose, relaxing the body and if you were able to move all of your awareness into your heart. Feeling in the heart. What is my heart saying? What is my heart showing me? Am I content right here in my life right now is this it?

Is this as good as it gets? Are there any other desserts waiting for me? Am I waiting for any other desserts? Is there something that I am putting off? Confronting? Risking? So as you just relax and breathe, let your heart show you. Let your heart speak to you. If you ask your heart what what did these next 25 years hold for me? What do these next 15 years hold for me? What are these next ten years hold for me? Noticed the window. Are you a messenger? Are there stories for you to tell? Are there songs for you to sing? Are there dances for you to dance? Is there a part of you that is not unlike Moses? Are there people waiting for you to come and help set them free?

Are you a messenger for spirit?

And as you relax deeper, as your spirit flows into you. What does it say?

So, are you feel into your body, you notice where your awareness is. You can let the word trust move through you. As you trust your own guidance system. As you trust the calling of your spirit.

As you inhale deeply through the nose, you can start to come back to this moment. If you are out in the future somewhere. You can just gently dance your way back here to the present moment, giving lots of gratitude to your creativity and imagination. For the explorer and the guide, the beacon, the compass, the parts of yourself that knows some part of you is a guide for others and as you breathe and come back to your body and you can just notice how you feel.

As you notice how you feel and continue to breathe. Bring yourself back to this moment. Come back all the way into your body and when you’re ready. You can gently open your eyes. You can start to wiggle the toes and fingers. And, move the body around a little.

If there’s anything you could benefit from taking some notes on your welcome to text some notes. Noticing what shows up. If there were aspects to your vision, a forecast, you can pay attention. Oh, okay I recognize that haven’t seen this before? What’s that look like? What’s it smell like? What’s it taste like? Make those notes. You can revisit this meditation anytime you want. As often as you want and I’ll thank you for traveling with me. See you again soon. I hope.


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