Session 1 - Meditation only by Joe Dispenza

Session 1 - Meditation only  by Joe Dispenza

LIVE ACCESS: Becoming Supernatural with Joe Dispenza
Release Date: October 2019


Sit up.

Take a breath and relax your body.

Feel your body.

And relax it.


and become aware

of the endless



Way out

Beyond you

How far can your awareness go?

To endless space.

How deep does the blackness go?

Sense it.

Stay aware of it.

The blackness.

Stay there.

Become aware.

There’s endless space on both sides of you.

Sense it.

Feel it.

Stay connected to it.

of it.

While you said

internal data



Okay. Aware of it,

the blackness.

Saw all around. You

sense it?

Feel it.

Feel more of it.

and because lax

Relax, did nothing.

To an end, see lacks

become more or

less view

all around you.

Sense it with your heart

sensing with your farm. Find it.

notice it har.


Feel it

in your heart?

Your heart



relax into it.


saw wall around.

Tune in the black, if your heart

feel connection to your heart, feel it.

Notice it.

Saw all around. Do you tune in with all your heart? Receive

your heart.


notice it

within you.

All around the

tune in it’s like your heart,

feel it it’s life. In your heart,

your heart.

relax into it. Slide your heart

blackness. And remember this feeling.

know it by heart.

now slowly bring your awareness by.

to the environment to this time. .