Rest by Deepak Chopra

Rest by Deepak Chopra

Artists: Deepak Chopra, Kabir Sehgal, Paul Avgerinos
Album: Spiritual Warrior
Released: 2020
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Artist: Paul Avgerinos
Track: Lightness Of Being
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The Spiritual Warrior rests.

When you rest your composed and quiet acceptance and tap into the field of infinite pure potentiality.

The world will take shape according to your will and actions and intentions.

Because you’re in a place of reflection and introspection. Be in the moment.

When the time is right you will take the appropriate action.

So, today tell yourself. I will not anticipate the future. I will not regret the past. I will not resist the present. I will willingly step into the unknown.

Have my attention on what is and know that the best way to the prepare for the future is to be totally present now.

[Music continues]


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