NEW RELEASE: Heaven & Earth: The Power to Break Through

Our friends at iAwake have done it again: their latest creation is called Heaven & Earth: The Power to Break Through, as depicted in hexagram 11 of the I Ching, the great and ancient Chinese oracle.

Heaven & Earth entrains the brain to the brainwave theta, which is a very important and significant brainwave when it comes to peak experiences, creativity, merging the subconscious with consciousness and connecting with our inner genius.

I think you will love this track because it is very powerful and the accompanying auditory and musical score is just beautiful. This masterful entrainment track was created by Nadja Lind of iAwake, who in the past has given us Strong Medicine, Theta Joy, Purrfound Meditation, Refuge, BE, etc.

As John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake, says, hexagram 11 is a representation of dynamics and receptivity and hints at major breakthroughs and a healthy new life and rebirth – much like the meditation process itself, where one must dynamically assemble, practice, and still keep the mind to create the spacious void in which breakthroughs occur.

I am sure that we all lived through a time when we struggled to find an answer to a particular problem or situation, and when we finally gave up, the breakthrough happened. This does not mean that the struggle was not necessary or futile – it was the dynamic struggle itself that emptied us to get the answer.

Heaven & Earth brings us powerfully into the experience of creative dynamism and receptive creativity.

Heaven & Earth…

  • a great tool to empty the mind and open the heart
  • alleviates fears and generates feelings of comfort and security
  • conjures up a deeply relaxed flow state
  • Emotional & Spiritual Breakthroughs

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And here’s what people say about it:

“A gently uplifting, heart expanding, and cosmic sound journey.”

Lisa Celentano, MA, LMHCA, MHP

“Sunk deep into awareness consciousness, earthly dimension dissolved.”


“Heaven & Earth has been one of the most intensive tracks from iAwake for me! It completely empties my mind, filling me up with warmth and joy.

Paul Ennemoser (

“I absolutely loved this track. It sounds good, feels good, and is a great, great heart opener. Rock on, Nadja!” 

Scott McGreevy

I love theta tracks and this one was extremely effective. Often, when mind chatter interfered, if I shifted my focus to the soundtrack it would stop and the imagery would begin to flow. I always felt so inspired afterwards.

Lauretta Goforth

 “Hauntingly beautiful and deeply comforting.

Neal Szpatura

Heaven & Earth sparkles light and positive vibes from above while simultaneously immersing you in a beautiful, healing stream of atmospheric sounds to support your nervous system and put you in a state of relaxation and focus on what is best for you at this moment.

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