Meet Your Spirit Guides: Crystal Cave Guided Meditation. (feat. Jess Shepherd) by Rising Higher Meditation

Meet Your Spirit Guides: Crystal Cave Guided Meditation. (feat. Jess Shepherd) by Rising Higher Meditation

Powerful!! Guided meditation to help you to experience your spirit guides and find deep connection, inspiration and revelation. Download or stream to any device worldwide:
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Finding a comfortable position placing your hands in your lap or gently on your knees. And when you're ready, slowly close down your eyes. Focus all of your attention on your breathing. Noticing every Rise and Fall of your chest. Feel the breath expanding your tummy as you breathe in.

Filling yourself up with air and lifeforce energy. Feel your body and mind relaxing as you focus on your breath sinking deeper and deeper into a place of inner peace and rest. With eyes remaining closed Place your attention on your feet. Feel your energy moving to the soles of your feet.

Feel yourself now standing on the soft damp sand on the bank of a river. You can feel the pressure of the sand as it rises up to meet your feet. It feels cool and pleasant as you squish your toes further into the sand. in your mind's eye, take the attention of your feet and look out across the wide river that is before you.

On each side of the river banks are laced with tropical trees, draping their long vines into the water below. birds sing with delight as they Dart and weave amongst the trees. Golden dragonflies glisten as their fast moving luminescent wings take them to the surface of the river. catching any small barks landing on the water. The Sandy banks are dotted with big smooth light colored rocks. Perfect for capturing any water from the high tide and offering a suitable position for a sun baking wizard.

You notice beyond the river that there is a massive mountain on the far side. It stands grand and tall covered with lush thick foliage and tall ancient trees. This is a perfect day. The water is a delightful temperature. The sun is shining its radiant energy on everything

it touches and is being filtered by the beautiful trees that hang over the river. The river is not to D. hand right now. It is perfectly still and ideal for us to cross.

We enter the water allowing the coolness to move up our body as we take each step slowly and intentionally. enjoying each sensation of moving our physical body into the water.

As we acknowledge the brilliance of this place, how close we feel to nature to source and Mother Earth. How much peace we feel in this moment. There is such a feeling of oneness and connection that is filling your heart right now. With every breath you take, you feel more and more open to the beauty around you and how easily you fit here. Natural in nature, beautiful in the beauty a part of this magnificence. He look around at the overhanging trees. The leaves are iridescent and vibrant green. You notice how divine the trees look as they move so slightly with the gentle breeze. The water looks bright and sparkly. As the sun shines upon it, like diamonds on the surface.

There are blue butterflies all around. Some even landing on you as you will slowly into the water. This place is like heaven on earth. A magical River.

As you merge your entire body into the water. Everything tingles like your skin is alive with energy. He lay back. Feeling your arms unfolding from your sides and your hands opening. You feel safe and supported by the water as you flow.

Completely trusting that you will be delivered by the water to the other side of the river in perfect time. As you flow, you feel your heart expanding. Has gratitude for this magnificent place fills your body. This feeling reminds you of all the things you have in life to be grateful for. Feeling thankful for your ears that hear the receptors in your skin that allow you to feel for your nose that smells the clean, fresh air. grateful for every moment you feel this kind of peacefulness. Thankful for nature and the beauty of it all. Thankful for the water for the sun. The trees and birds in the sky. grateful for your fantastic body. Thankful for every moment of calm
of peace.

Feeling thankful for your heart For every moment of connection and healing. As you flow closer to the opposite riverbank, you notice a stream that is branching off from the main river and you begin to flow down this channel feeling totally safe and completely in love with the nature surrounding. You notice that the sides of the stream you're floating down are covered in crystals.

You are amazed by the variety of colors and shapes as the crystals seem to be lining the sides of the stream.

You stand up now and follow the crystal stream.

Walking along it leads you into a massive open and cave filled with the most giant crystals you have ever seen.

Looking around you are in awe of what you have found and the energy in this place.

Continue to the very back of the cave and notice a circle of enormous crystals shaped like armchairs and a pit in the middle that looks like it may be for fire.

You choose a crystal chair to sit in. And as soon as you do the fire in the middle ignites and offers you warmth and light.

As hard as crystal typically is this chair suddenly feels like it perfectly fits your body and offers energy that feels comfortable and soft and relaxing.

While you sit, enjoying the energy of the chair and the warmth of the fire.

Members of your soul group come to join you. They are your soul family, your guides your helpers or angels. There may be one or many who may see them, feel them or hear them or simply have a sense that they have now

They will introduce themselves How to gently and in a loving manner that is perfect for you at this time. You are safe in every moment completely protected by the crystal energy. Only that which is in your highest good and best interest will reveal itself to you. And only when you are ready to receive it. They may choose to sit around in the other crystal chairs or not. They may be friends or relatives in high places or others you know from other spaces and times. But they are all loving family to you interested in your life and one with source Love and Light just as you are.

You may spend some time getting to know them. Receiving answers to any questions feeling their divine loving presence. They are here to show you how much they love you and how you are adored and appreciated.

I will ring a bell after 10 minutes and guide you back.

Thank you spirit guides now. We are in total appreciation of this opportunity to experience them. Any messages you received you will remember when you come out of this meditation. When you're ready, stand up from your crystal chair and begin to walk out of the cave.

Walk along the stream and enter it when the water is deep enough as you float back down the stream feel the balance in your body. The trust within you feel how the experience has opened you to a new revelation or understanding you have expanded feel your body move into the water of the river now. See the vibrant green trees overhanging on either side of the river. Feel the soft light from the sun as it rests on your shoulders. You float effortlessly and swiftly. All the way by the river bank we started.

You walk up the sandy bank and to sit on a perfect large flat rock overlooking the river once again Take a deep breath. Feeling your skin zing as the water has invigorated your body and given you extra energy take another deep breath.

Feeling the energy inside your physical body now coming all the way back to your physical experience now all the way back with new insight and revelation when you come out of this meditation if you feel so inclined, you may wish to write down your experiences in your journal or in the videos comment section. When you're ready, gently wiggle your fingers and toes. Bring your attention all the way back to this moment right now. And when you're ready, you can slowly open your eyes.

This is Jess Shepard from Rising Higher Meditation and Music. Thank you for spending these moments with me. My love and appreciation flows out to you.