Love by Deepak Chopra

Love by Deepak Chopra

Artists: Deepak Chopra, Kabir Sehgal, Paul Avgerinos
Album: Spiritual Warrior
Released: 2020
Genre: New Age
Duration: 11:49
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Artist: Paul Avgerinos
Track: Always with You
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The Spiritual Warrior loves herself or himself and others. Love is your source and true nature and it heals the wounds which you have suffered.

By loving yourself and others unconditionally you radiate hope in the world. Uplifting and benefiting all sentient beings.

Unconditional love for all sentient beings makes you a Spiritual Warrior.

Today’s meditation should be about the relationship between divine qualities and love as the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.

Remind yourself, when I feel as others feel, I experience empathy.

When I have the desire to alleviate suffering, I experience compassion.

When I act on my compassion than I practice love in action.

So, remind yourself that love is not just a mere emotion but the ultimate truth at the heart of creation and that ultimate truth is that we are single consciousness appearing as innumerable minds in innumerable points of view and innumerable experiences.

But, behind this facade of separation there is the one consciousness and when we are part of it and when we become that one consciousness then we know truth as love, beauty, as harmony, one consciousness.

[Music continues]


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