Love Blanket: Enhance Self Love and Acceptance Powerful Guided Meditation by Rising Higher Meditation

Love Blanket: Enhance Self Love and Acceptance Powerful Guided Meditation by Rising Higher Meditation

528Hz Binaural Beats & Theta waves ~Profoundly powerful HEALING MEDITATION for SELF LOVE.  INTEGRATE YOUR SPIRIT SELF AND HUMANNESS.  Take a different perspective on yourself and your life.  Feel how wonderful, acceptable and loved you really are.  YOU ARE WORTHY.

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Finding a comfortable position placing your hands on your lap ponies and gently closing down your eyes. Place all of your attention on your breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. in through the nose and out through the mouth. allowing your body to become still letting yourself relax and find peace in this moment. Feeling your body relaxing more and more. With every breath you take in through the nose and out through the mouth. relaxing your body feeling any tension or stress melting down your face and away from your shoulders. feel any stress or tension melting all the way down your body and feel it being released out the tips of your toes. Relaxing, relaxing. Now take your attention into your heart. Build your energy they're breathing normally just through your nose. Now with every breath, feel your heart energy expanding. Move that energy up in between your eyes now and feel your attention turning around 180 degrees so that you are now looking back at yourself. Looking back at the space in between your eyebrows. Step back so you can see all of yourself. Take your inner beings perspective. looking upon your humaneness with loving kindness. Feel yourself breathe as your inner being. Feel the calmness. The pace of being your spirit self feel the broad and unlimited perspective it has feel what it is a part of and what it is connected to. The wisdom of many worlds, the field of infinite potentials, the knowledge of the all that it contains. Fields the joy it has when it looks upon you

How happy it feels that you are conscious of it. Seeing and being in this moment.

Feel how pleased it is with you how you are doing such a great job in your humaneness. How much love it has for you and your mind, your body and your heart. How much ease it feels in your experience. How much it loves being listened to being heard, being seen and felt.

You are not the little you anymore. Not individual or singular. Feel the expansiveness of your perspective in this form. So much pace, harmony, openness and to love. Take this moment as your inner being to acknowledge how your humaneness has been feeling. as it travels through this physical experience.

The highs the lows, the in between. With the compassion and love of the soul self. Understand how the miraculous physical has been feeling whatever doubts worries, sadness, anxiety, suffering, this human has been failing. Look upon it with total loving acceptance. Send kind words to your humaneness. You are doing so well. Look at how far you have come. Everything is going to work out for you. You are magnificent just the way you are. You are wonderful It's okay. Everything is working out for you. You are beautiful, you are love, you are hell. You are safe. You are enough just as you your life experience is meaningful, who you are is celebrated. You have a purpose for being here you are a miracle You are amazing in every way you are learning and growing and I support you. We all support you. Wherever revel in your life experience, we marvel at your physical life you are experiencing our dreams and we are expanding because of you in doing so, well. There is a plan for you a trajectory of life for you to experience the more relaxed you are and the more easy You are about change.

The more I can flow through you the more fun you will have the more relaxed you are about your own plans, the more the greater vision for your life can be felt and understood.

You are wonderful. There is total love and joy in us when we look at you whatever anxieties or worries down Sophie is the human has been experiencing.

Simply Let it be seen now. As you look upon your humaneness a fail are remarkably soft, warm blanket in your hands. Take the warm super plush blanket that is now in your right hand and wrap it around your human. A drape this amazing warm, light filled blanket over your human's shoulders. So it covers their back and you pull it together and fold it across their chest.

Allowing this blanket of love to fill your human with warmth and feelings of total acceptance and love.

Now you embrace your human self who has been doing so well. Who is good enough? Perfect in their humaneness. Accepting and appreciating all that this being is experiencing as it is helping you to learn and grow.

You love your humaneness right now. holding them in your arms. knowing their goodness, their worthiness. You know how wonderful they are, even if they forget. As the human aspect of you relaxes and allows itself to be held loved and to receive. You can feel how their energy field and body start to open to the love and energy from the universe. Like a flower opening its petals to the sun. Now as you stand here in full acknowledgement and acceptance of all that is within this human and to love and accept all of your physical is now open to receiving energy from the infinite, more light can now be received. The human aspect is no longer resisting the energy flow toward it, as it knows its value and worthiness, irrespective of current or past perception.

Now, it can feel the self love and self acceptance.

This is all it takes to open to the unlimited energy of the universe. Open to blessings because it aligns with being a blessing. bask in these feelings of self love and acceptance. As your inner being holds you in this blanket of loving light. Be aware of the energy that fills you up now, that gentle flow of loving light from the universe serving all your needs, giving you everything your heart and soul truly desire. Needing nothing non attached you your inner being your soul or spirit self. In this acknowledgement, you become one. unified how take five minutes to really feel what loving your humaneness feels like and what it does to the energy flowing to you.

I will ring a bell after five minutes This is who you love lover and the love the spirit and the human as you turn your attention back around feel your spirit inside your physical body. Feel the inner being feel the energy inside. Breathe as you're human and spirit knowing that it is always here for you, flowing to you and through you.

It is all you and you are all of it. What did you feel when you allow yourself to be loved and accepted?

Know that this is your true state. The whole integrated spirit in human form. Love continually flowing to you. Take a deep revitalizing breath. carry this feeling forward into your day. The more attention and focus you give it the more it will grow.

When you're ready. You can gently open your eyes.

This is Jess Shepard from Rising Higher Meditation and Music. Thank you for spending these moments with me. My love and appreciation flows out to you.