Joe Dispenza - Water Rising Induction Meditation

The Water Rising Induction Meditation is designed to ease you into a deep meditative state. It can also be used with any other form of meditation including Tibetan (Shamata) and Zen (Zazen). The overall theme of the meditation is one of rising, flowing energy throughout your body. The induction starts with a focus on the water element, which represents fluidity and energy.

Sit back, get comfortable and focus on your breath.

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Your job in this induction is to completely surrender into your body, let the warm water relax your tissues, and allow yourself to feel consumed by this liquid. I re-commend that you sit up in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, hands resting on your knees.

Imagine warm water beginning to rise in the room … first, as it covers your feet and ankles, feel the warmth of your feet as they’re immersed in the water….

And allow the water to move higher now, up past your calves and shins, to right below your knees; and feel the weight of your legs from your feet to your calves, underwater…. Let yourself relax as the water reaches your knees and rises over your thighs…. As it sur- rounds your thighs, feel your hands immersed in this warm water … feel the warmth consume your wrists and forearms….

Now become aware of the soothing water as it encircles your buttocks, your groin, and your inner thighs….

And as the water rises all the way up to your waist, feel it submerge your forearms and elbows….

As the warm water continues to climb to your solar plexus, notice it as it moves halfway up your arms….

Now, sense the weight of your body, im-mersed up to your rib cage under the warm li-quid, and feel it consuming your arms….

And now allow the water to encircle your chest and move across your shoulder blades….

As the water rises all the way up to your neck, allow it to cover your shoulders … and fromyour neck down, feel the weight and density of your body, immersed under this warm liquid….

Now, as the water moves up past your neck, feel the column of your neck, up to your chin, im-mersed underwater….

And allow the soothing water to move up over your lips and around the circumference of the back of your head … as it rises over your upper lip and over your nose, relax and let it consume you, so that the warmth of the water is now right below your eyes….

Allow the water to rise above your eyes, and feel everything from your eyes down immersed in this warm liquid. Feel it move up around your forehead, above the crown of your head; and as the circumference gets smaller and smaller, al-low it to move above your head….

And now surrender into this warm, relaxing water and allow yourself to feel your body in its weightlessness, embraced by this water.

Allow your body to feel the density of itself, immersed in this liquid….

Feel the volume of the water around your body and the space that your body is in, under-water.

Let your awareness take in the entire room, submerged underwater.

Sense the space that is filled by the room, consumed by warm water … and for a few moments, just feel your body floating in that space….

Water Rising Induction Guided Meditation

with Active Breathing


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