Introduction by Pushing Beauty

Artist: Pushing Beauty
Released: 2018
Genre: Breathwork
Duration: 4:26
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So, this is a breathwork meditation, which is a healing tool to get you out of your mind and connected to your energy, so that you can heal. And, healing is about becoming whole or connecting to your source, love.

This is a vibration that you can actually feel in your body as you breathe, especially in the longer sessions.

You have the ability to heal your emotional, spiritual and physical body by connecting to your energy and spirit.

So, to prepare for your session, you’re going to get in a quiet and private place.

If you live with people, I highly suggest telling them not to disturb you. It’s really common for certain kinds of energies to pull in major distractions, so whatever you can do to create a private space where you can let go. Just do that.

Your animals are totally welcome to be in the space with you as you heal, but if you have an animal that is really needy or you want to keep petting it and it distracts you during your session. I really recommend keeping them out of the room.

Resistance shows up in so many different ways as you might discover.

You can lay anywhere that’s comfortable for you, bed, couch, just be sure to be laying all the way down so you can really let go.

I probably shouldn’t have to say this but I am going to say it. Don’t ever do this while driving. This is not that type of breathing meditation.

And, then just make sure you don’t have anything too bulky under your head because I want your throat to be open. You can have something to cover your eyes and that can be really helpful to just go a little bit deeper.

If you work with any herbs or natural cleansing agents like sage, paleoceno, sweet grass, or cedar, or anything that you have a particular relationship with, you are welcome to burn and clear the energy in your space before the session.

If you have any essential oils that you work as well you’re welcome to apply them to your body.

I usually suggest having a blanket nearby in case you get cold. I actually often like to breathe with a blanket on even if I’m not cold or getting cold, just to help me feel a little more grounded.

And, you can also have a pillow nearby. We’re going to have an opportunity in some of the sessions to let out a big giant yell. A lot of people use their hands, that’s fine, but sometimes a pillow can be nice if you want to use a pillow to yell into.

I created a 10-minute audio which is the minimum recommendation for your practice. It takes about 7 to 8 minutes for the mind to start to shut down, so in this audio we will breathe for about 7 minutes and you’ll rest for about 3 minutes. Making it around 10 minutes total.

You do use this audio daily. This would be my minimum recommendation for your daily breath work practice. I also created a 20-minute guide and this is a bump-up if you want to just want to put in some extra time and move through some resistance. We will breathe for about 15 minutes and rest for 5. And, there is a 35 minute, this is the longest session in this guide. We will breathe for 25 minutes and rest for 10. You can use this meditation as often as you like.

Many beginners like to start with the 10 minute daily and the 35 minute weekly. My full sessions tend to run about 30 to 35 minutes of active breathing. So, once you have been working with these meditations, you’re welcome to purchase my guided breathe work audio, which is the longest session that I do teach. Okay, go get breathing.

10-Minute Meditation by Pushing Beauty


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