Introduction and Subjective Problem - Rapid Shift: The Alternator


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  1. Introduction and Subjective Problem
  2. Core Process
  3. Expansion and Integration


Note before we proceed, the following process can be used in different ways.

You may use headphones and take advantage of the brainwave entrainment embedded within. Or you may use it simply as a guided process without headphones. Also, over time, you’ll be able to run the process on yourself with the outline that’s been provided.

Hello, and welcome. This is Wesley Fuchs, a founder and director of the silo GE Institute for the development of consciousness, purpose and transformation in Arizona.

We’d like to welcome you to the silo Jian method protocol, the alternator.

The alternator method is used to transform negative states or unwanted It states to positive states. This process eliminates all emotional charge in a short time and leads to a solution to any problem. You can use this method to alleviate stress, struggle, setbacks, barriers, anxieties, worries, and any other kind of struggle state you might be experiencing. Throughout the process, hold a present solid and tight container for yourself. Before you begin, take a moment and connect with yourself. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Take a moment and feel yourself in a way that comforts you, relaxes you and brings you to this present time. Hearing now
as you proceed to the process, be patient, persistent and present with yourself. Also, you are in control of your experience. As such, if at any point during the process, you need more time, simply press pause until you’re ready to move on. Before you begin, clear your space and your environment, have any distractions. Make sure that you can let yourself completely over to the process and see it through to the end.

The first thing we will do is isolate the problem or the unwanted state that you wish to alleviate. Then, in this Guided process that will follow. I’ll have you state out loud, some concise sentences about what thoughts are arising, and what emotions are arising in your experience. When I ask you to feel into this content, what I’m asking you to do is to focus on and pay attention to accept any thoughts, images, emotions, or body sensations that are arising within yourself. I want you to pay close attention to the mental pictures, the internal dialogues, the states of being and the felt senses that are rising within yourself
deep within your subtle body.

Again, when I asked you to feel into content, what I’m asking you to do is to focus on and accept and acknowledge the images, thoughts, emotions, and body sensations that are arising within you. This will make your process move faster, more efficiently and cleaner.

We will continue like this until you are free of the charge surrounding your problem. We need to identify your subjective problem and the way you see it and feel it now. We want you to be able to state it concisely. And specifically, the formula goes something like this. When you think about your problem or unwanted state, how do you feel or when you focus on your own water problem or state what comes up for you

Let’s define your problem. Now.

We simply need some basic context and an emotion that’s attached to your issue. Go ahead and write a statement down on a piece of paper or tap it into a device so you can refer to it as we go along. Again, the statement should include an emotion and some brief context. An example would go something like this. When I think about blank I feel blank.

Now that you’ve identified the problem that you want to work on,
let’s go ahead and rate it, so we can check in later.

Strong is this problem or situation on a scale from one to 10. One being not a problem at all, and 10 being a very intense and strong problem.

How strong is this problem on a scale from one to 10? One, not much turn extremely strong, debilitating or preventing you from living life fully.

Situation adversely affecting you in your life
also, glass Make note now, how would you like to feel instead of that? What goal would you like to achieve? What would you like to have more peace around?

We’ll begin the process now.

Let’s go ahead and begin. I’ll be guiding you.

I want you to connect with yourself.

Take a deep breath into your nose,
out the mouth.

Think Close your eyes.

Have you continue with the following pattern that I’ll be guiding you through until you report three consecutive positive statements or elements that arise for you. At that point, you can forward this program to the next track. Now, feel into your problem.
Feel into your problem fully.

And while feeling into your problem,
state out loud to yourself what thought follows feeling into that problem.

Go ahead and state this thought out loud so that you can hear it


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