Identify Your Joy - Barry Goldstein

Identify Your Joy - Barry Goldstein

Artist: Barry Goldstein
Album: The Sound of Joy

The first step this evening will be identifying and in this first process we are going to identify the things that we do in joy. To enjoy is to be in joy.

So, what I would like you to do is get out your journals and a pen and take a deep breath in and just put your hands on your heart.

Allow yourself to connect and write down a minimum of five things that you enjoy doing we’ll be coming back to this list at the end of our show.


And for those days where you really need a jump start and you’re just feeling like even that 10 minutes is a lot of time. This is gonna be the section that will really connect you in a great tool that I call musical pinnacles and musical pinnacles are actually musical moments that define our life and we all have them I remember when I first really started getting into music I was 14 or 15 years old and we used to hang out in the street a bunch of friends and they were probably about 10 or 12 of us and we all had these mix tapes of songs that we would share with each other and take turns in terms of exposing ourselves to different kinds of music and to this day one of the songs that just really makes me connect with joy and not just connect with it but I actually become joy when I listen to it is the Jackson 5 the love you save so whenever I’m down I actually have the salt on hand to not only reconnect me with joy but in that moment of listening to it I can become the joy and it really is a jumpstart for connecting myself or reconnecting myself to that vibration that already exists now the great thing is all of us have these songs and I’m sure as I’m talking about hell you’re thinking of a song that is your musical pinnacle a song that as soon as you hear it it puts you in an unbelievable state of mind where you can become joy not just experience it but you become it so knowing that we all have these songs and we all have this tool call on musical Pentacles we can create our own joy CD get 10 songs together that create this shift for you that have been musical pinnacles in your life and when you want to shift that vibration back to joy just use your joy CD and I hope you’ve really connected with the seven steps that we’ve gone through to really keep you in that connect of joy the first one is identifying what brings you joy and what’s blocking that joy in your energetic centers or your chakras the second one was releasing those blocks through toning the vowels in our chakra areas the third one was reeling ourselves using chakra tuning forks the fourth one was connecting

2-seat syllables using ohm home and

Shalom the fifth one was activating

those things that we do enjoy from our

list the sixth one which he will do

after the show is make a commitment to

bringing 1% of joy for 10 minutes a day

for 40 days into your life using your

joyless and the seventh one is becoming

that joy and you can use the musical

pinnacle tools that I’ve given you to

make your joy CDs or anything that

really allows you to become joy and if

you’re interested in bringing me into

your area to conduct or bring in the joy


feel free to contact me and think big

one at you can also visit me at

WWC dee baby calm / think big records

and also wwm i slash Barry

goldstein it’s been a pleasure

connecting with you until next time rock

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