Flow with the Universe Instead of Resisting It: Let Go and Be. (feat. Jess Shepherd)

Flow with the Universe Instead of Resisting It: Let Go and Be. (feat. Jess Shepherd)

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It is time to let go. This moment is a perfect opportunity to stop thinking and let go into being.

Just be without trying or forcing, pushing or making anything happen. Just be my love, right here and right now.

Trust that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. And there is something wonderful that is unfolding here for you an internal space that is opening and overflowing into the new and unknown.

My darling your plans are still valid, wonderful and supported. But perhaps there is an even better option for you. You have decided what you want and that is fabulous. Now let go. So the universe can bring you something that is in perfect alignment with your desire.

If you stay in the energy of the mind, which likes to think it knows all the answers and generates every idea, then there is no space in your reality for another perhaps more fitting possibility.

Sometimes in your stubbornness of wanting what you want, you are missing something that is even more suitable. It is never black or white, right or wrong. Within the energy of the universe. There is always many options and opportunities, unlimited potentials for you right now.

There are things you may have not even thought of that are new and unexperienced that the universe is trying to lead you to many things that are outside your conscious current awareness.

So when you feel that resistance, stop, let go and surrender yourself into the flow of the infinite, open to whatever is in your highest good and the highest good for all concerned. And I promise you, it will lead you to the most phenomenal outcomes.

Sometimes you can feel them coming or that there is something else going on in the ethers is and the time to action your plan is not quite now. Because there is more the universe is working on for you.

You can work with the energy of the universe and let it go into something that is in your highest and best good. It may be slightly different from your specific original plan. But being open to opportunity gives space for the magic synchronicities to present themselves.

Those moments that leave you in awe and wonder when you feel like you are an integral part of something magnificent that is going on.

My love your inner being is a wanting to express itself through your life. open to the flow from the universe, wait for inspiration, there is no rush, there is no finish line. Your life will keep expanding right before your eyes. Surrender into this beautiful moment right now.

Let go drop the force, the push the effort to make something happen or be a specific way.

Let go my love into the arms of the universe. You will be held you will be supported. And as soon as you release the resistance, you know that energy that makes you feel anxious or like you have to fight for something and instead take the path of least resistance surrendering into what is instantly opening and allowing the universe to lead you into something else.

Let the universe source or God, show you the path of joy, grace, ease and flow. You are loved.