Flow (Guided Meditation for Letting Go) - Single by Jessica Shepherd

Flow (Guided Meditation for Letting Go) - Single by Jessica Shepherd

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Breathing deeply in and out, feeling your body relaxing and releasing any tension or stress. Just relax.

Breathing deeply in and out.

Taking your attention down to just below your belly button. Breathe into that space. Feeling an expansion there, let the energy that is there expand as you breathe deeply into this space.

Feel that energy expanding outward, and moving up into the center of your heart. breathing deeply into this heart space in and out.

Seeing that energy in the center of your heart growing, expanding, seeing that energy moving up into the center of your head, breathing deeply in and out.

See that energy in below your belly button expanding up through your heart through the center of your head, connecting, expanding together. turning around and facing inward. facing in now, breathing deeply in and out.

Seeing that connection of the energy between the space below your belly button, your heart and in the center of your head. Feeling yourself observing the connection and watching as the energy expand.

Now we're going to tell the story of your flow of your allowing of your releasing resistance. I want you to see yourself walking to the edge of a beautiful river. There are large trees all around you can feel the power the groundedness of the trees. It's a beautiful day, the skies blue with just the right amount of passing with white puffy clouds to feel the softness of the sun. You watch yourself as your face points towards the sky. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face. You breathe it in. You then look to the river. It's a smooth flowing river. It's steady and gentle. You noticed that it is in water. It's like solid light, like matter, but it flows like water does. Softly moving over rocks and other things that may be in its way not forcefully. Just gently gliding over and around things like nothing matters. And nothing compares to this flow and persistent stream of this river. Talking in the first person now so you can really feel it. I take my shoes off. I feel the earth and walk slowly down to the edge of the river. I can feel the small round rocks under my feet. I feel a gentle foot massage. My first foot goes into the energy that is similar to water. It feels like the perfect temperature for me perfectly comfortable. I can feel a soft breeze around my body. As I slowly merge into the energy River. I lay slowly back. My ears go under the river. I can hear my heart beating and my breathing really clearly.

I slow my breathing down as I become aware of it in and out. I feel my arms stretch out and release my hands. opening my hands. Feeling my heart in my whole body is open. As my feet gently lift and my legs begin to float. I feel completely supported by this river. It is holding me. I feel safe. I can hear my heartbeat and hear my breathing slow as I relax into it. I am moving now. The river is taking me with such support and gentleness, the river is guiding me. I feel at ease. I feel relaxed. I know that if I start to feel fearful, I just listen to the sound of my breathing my heart beating and I trust the process of unfolding. I know that if I struggle or fight the current, I will not be flowing with the river. So I let go. I am arms are out and my hands are open. It feels like a huge lesson in trust for me. I can do it. I can let go. And I can trust. I know this is my River. There is nothing around that can hurt me as long as I can relax and let go. I allow the river to take me it will look after me. It will carry me to all the right places at the right time. This is my River. This is my River. I am in the flow of my life River. I have and continue to create this river with my thoughts and feelings. It is energy as am I know that if I keep my thoughts and feelings plugged into love and trust, the river will look after me. It will guide me it will protect me. It will get me to exactly where I want and need to go. I let go. I float. I trust this is my River. This is my river of life. I am in the flow of my River. I let go. I listen to the sound of my breathing and my heart beating. Everything is okay. I relax. I close my eyes and relax. I remember this feeling of being in the flow as my body gently floats to the edge of the riverbank. I can see I'm in a new place now. Being in the flow of my River of Life has helped me to move to a new place where there will be new discoveries and new opportunities. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or confused, I can walk down to the river and let it carry me breathing deeply in and out.