Expansion and Integration – Rapid Shift: The Alternator


Artists: Jonathan Robinson and Douglas Prater
Album: The Near Death Experience: Waking up to Life
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  1. Introduction and Subjective Problem
  2. Core Process
  3. Expansion and Integration

Expansion and Integration


With your eyes still closed, expand and merge with the state of consciousness that you’re experiencing now. I want you to dive deep into this consciousness.

Fully enter into it. Surrender to it. Merge with it.

Now, out loud to yourself. State, what’s the nature of what you’re experiencing now?

What’s it like?

What’s the quality of the experience that you’re having right now?

How would you describe this consciousness in a word or two and state that out loud to yourself?

Good. Now, relax and take a deep breath and fully enter into merge with slip into and unify with this quality of consciousness and feel that this quality is spreading from you. in all directions simultaneously.

Imagine this feeling of yourself expanding in front of you, behind you,
to your left and to your right. And let this feeling of yourself spread above you and below you infinitely just stay in this space of consciousness for about 20 or 30 seconds

How do you feel now? out loud to yourself.
Opposition ask yourself, Is there anything in you that opposes the integration of your new awareness?

Or do you accept it fully?

If there is any opposing content arising within you start this process over with a new statement of when I experienced this opposition within I feel like and then start a new process.

Let’s check back in. What happened to the problem that we started with?

How would you rate it now on a scale from one to 10? Is it still a problem for you feel free to repeat the process again and get it down to a number that’s acceptable to you.

If you Rate your problem as a three or higher, we recommend that you do the process again. Try to get it down to a two, or a one. Or even better, zero. integration and grounding questions staying in this space in this place in this consciousness that you have now, answer freely and naturally to the following integration questions. State your responses out loud.

Let’s check in with the goal that you originally stated that you want to achieve.

How probable or achievable does that goal feel now?

What are you more conscious of now than you were before?

What is good for you about this process?

What is good about this process for others for someone else?

In other words, how is your awakening in benefit to someone else or others? status response out loud.

what’s valuable about this process for you and the new awareness what have you learned from this process?

State your response out loud?

Most importantly, what is one specific thing you will do today? To live out this awareness more fully in your life? How can you embody your new awareness?

Thank you for completing the psychology and method, alternator protocol.

We hope you have more awakening clarity Peace in your life. Feel free to repeat this process anytime when you want more freedom, clarity and the ability to embody love.

Until next time


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