Empowering the Power Within by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)

Empowering the Power Within by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)

Music by: Barry Goldstein, Album: A Musical Voyage into Cosmic Consciousness, and music from the Album: The Four Pathways to Your Destiny.

Empowering the Power Within is a dynamic meditation created to empower and activate your immune system utilizing two energy centers within the body.

In this meditation, you will consciously program your immune system to strengthen, to combat illness and disease within your body. Activating your third center with your attention teaches your body what it feels like to have an invincible army within you. As you feel unlimited, empowered and embody the energy of an uncompromising will, you will use this resource of energy to create a powerful immune system.

Dr Joe will then instruct you to move that energy into your heart.  When you open your heart and feel wholeness, gratitude and a love for life, research done by Dr Joe and his team shows that you can up-regulate genes and strengthen your immune system by 50% within four days.

In this meditation, Dr Joe uses a more powerful tone of voice to inspire you into action. We encourage you to preview a portion of the meditation to be certain it’s right for you.

1. Introduction (11:23)
2. Meditation (39:02)

1. Introduction (11:23)

Hey everybody, Dr. Joe here. I wanted to continue our conversation about what it means to truly master your environment to master your body and to change some aspect of yourself, so that your future appears different in linear time.

We have up until this point talked about creating an signal to our immune system, the inner protection system that gives us our ability to combat any condition in our outer environment. And we've studied over the years that it just takes a few things.

It takes an intention and intention, think of intention, as a directive. And then something has to carry that intention, something has to carry that information that directive. And it's typically energy, but not energy that we're used to and feeling certain ways it's, it's a different energy, a different signal that has to begin to affect your body. And if you combine an intention that's very clear, with an emotion, an image or a picture in your mind, with an emotion, a thought and a feeling a stimulus and response.

It's the act of combining those two things that starts the conditioning process. And conditioning is a subconscious mechanism.
So is it possible then to condition our immune system to become stronger?
Is it possible to condition our inner army of resources and reserve to strengthen and to become more willful to become more harmonious to be strengthened and synchronized in some way?

And the answer is absolutely yes, because we have research to prove that you can do it. And so I want to explain a simple little meditation that I would like to finish this little broadcast with. But I want to give you the knowledge and information to understand what you're doing and why you're doing it.

So in our community, we bless our energy centers of our body. And the energy centers of our body are centers of information, their centers of energy, they have their own message, they carry their own intent, they have their own frequency, they have their own glands, their own hormones, their own chemical expression, and their own individual little brains, that sends information to the corresponding cells, tissues and organs in different parts of the body.

And all of that energy that sits in your first Center is a lot of energy. In fact, it's so much energy, you can make another human being from it. And when you take a male and a female and you bring together both opposites, you can create another human being. And there's a lot of energy for creation down there. And most of the time, we have been conditioned into believing that it can only go one way, and that is out. And there's nothing wrong with that. But if you wanted to take that creative energy and do something with it, you could actually begin to move it up instead of our

And your second Center, which sits in your gut right below your belly button. That is the center of safety and security when we have food and shelter, and we have safety in our home. And we have resources and there's community and there's connection and there's culture, and there's networking, socially, energy typically moves into that center, and we can metabolize, we can assimilate, we could digest we could process. And if something our environment challenges us in some way or causes some stimulation, our response to that stimulation requires some type of movement or reaction.

And when we use this energy in our third center in the pit of our gut, this is the center of our power of our will of our strength. And when we get our body up and going and we use our body to overcome some condition in our three dimensional reality. If we're successful, or we overcome in some way, energy naturally moves into the heart and we feel more whole, we feel more complete, then we feel more in love with life and more in love with ourselves. And then we have to express it. So it comes out of the center right here. And if we can articulate our greatest understanding our greatest truth, our greatest expression of love, and we can put it into words and meaning energy naturally moves up into the sixth center.

And now all of a sudden, we have a broader spectrum of the way things really our vision of the world improves. It activates mystical centers, and energy moves into the seven center and creates more harmony in the body.

And as you understand, then it would move up through the top of the head into the eighth center and and now we've delivered energy into the field though we've evolved our understanding of ourselves and our lives. By doing this makes sense that if a person gets stuck in certain emotions, and they're suffering or they're in pain, they're feeling guilt or they're feeling Feeling unworthy, and they're feeling unsafe in their environment. Because of some past experience, energy stays stuck in the second center.

If a person is lost in their own sense of power and importance, and the need to control everything in their environment, it makes sense that energy would stay stuck in the third center.

Now, these first three centers actually are not bad. In fact, we need them and they're healthy, and they're good. And they're important to be in balance. But when we're living in the realm of polarity and duality, these centers tend to become polarized or they tend to live in contrast, as an example, your third center is that center of power. It's that center to empower and dream, it's the energy we use to get up and going and willfully execute. Now, when you're reacting to conditions in your environment, and you feel, say, threatened in your environment, and it creates fear, that fear causes you to run from that stimulus and move in your adrenal glands get you doing that, or to run and hide. And that's one option. The polar opposite of that of fear would be aggression would be a reaction in anger and violence and war. And that is the other extreme of the polar opposite. And we tap this third center in polarity and extremes. And we utilize that energy that could be used in other ways, we tap our vital resources.

So when energy naturally moves into the fourth center, then there would be a union of those opposites. And we could use this third center then to willfully instruct our immune system to become stronger.

And that's exactly what I want to do in this meditation. Because I have been saying that thoughts really are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body, and by using certain feelings and emotions, with the intention of specifically strengthening your immune system, and to begin to feel and embody those emotions.

And the intention is to instruct the immune system to be more harmonious, and to work with an inner army of our inner level of coherence, that could combat any external agent, then you wouldn't be doing your body of service as the ruler or as the leader of your body to instruct it very specifically. And that's exactly what this meditation is about.

And so, I am going to ask you to first of all, open your focus to open your awareness, the music will start, I'll ask you, as if you had no eyes, no ears, no nose, to smell, no amounts to taste, nobody to feel and experience. But just with your awareness, I want you to sense without any sensory input, this infinite space in front of you. And I'm going to ask you to just become aware of its depth.

And then I'm going to ask you to become aware that that same space that's in front of you is behind you.

And the act of opening your focus in all different directions and sensing space, you're taking your attention off everything that's material, everything that's known.

And as you broaden your focus and connect to energy and frequency, our research shows that it creates more coherence in the brain and slows your brainwaves down.

Now, you're getting into the operating system, the autonomic nervous system that automatically can begin to take instructions, and begin to utilize those instructions for a greater sense of health, you can program that subconscious system, that autonomic nervous system to work better for you.

And then you have to change your brainwaves in order to do that. And so the act of opening your focus not only changes your brain waves, but it creates more coherence more order in your nervous system, which then sends a very clear, coherent signal to all the cells and tissues of your body.

And by doing this, we are going to start off by opening our awareness. And then out of all the things that you can put your attention on and direct your energy, I'm going to ask you to put your attention right in your third center in the pit of your gut. And I will say three, find it, feel it, connect with it.

Find it
Feel it
Connect with it

And all I want you to do is understand that you are activating this center, while your awareness is in the blackness. And once you lock in there and bring it to life with your attention. I'm going to ask you then to instruct your body to teach your body what it feels like to have an invincible army within you and I want you to feel it. I want you to embody the energy, of strength and an uncompromising will and I want you to feel unlimited and empowered.

And let that information emotionally begin to strengthen your immune system and it will as long as you can feel it and hold the intention of that why you're doing it. So now, here's that clear intention, while your brainwaves are changed, combined with an elevated emotion and energy, the energy of power to empower your immune system to work for you and to create an inner army of strength, and an army of a cadence of order, where your immune system is working to memorize any virus, bacteria, any agent in your outer environment, and now you're in our environment, is getting instructions from you as the leader, musical change when that happens.

And then when we finish, I'll ask you to put your attention right in your heart. And all I want you to do is open your heart and receive and open up in a sense of wholeness, and a sense of joy or love for life.

And allow that energy moving to your heart from the third center to the fourth center, we're creating the energy for creating this energy so that the power of love can activate this center. So we're creating energy and we're moving energy and movement of energy into your heart will make you feel more whole.

And when you feel more whole. It's difficult to feel separation or disease. And all I want you to do is finish this meditation in this place of your heart and intentionally direct energy to this place. So I hope you enjoy it. So let's begin. I'm going to ask you to close your eyes and sit up. Thank you very much.

2. Meditation (39:02)

Sit up

Eyes closed

Take a breath

And relax

Your body


Your Body


And... become aware of the endless black space

way out, beyond you

Can your awareness go?

Into endless space

Pay more attention to it

and less attention to you

Before aware

the same endless space

that's beyond you

is behind you

Sense it

Feel it

Stay aware of it

Feel your connection to it

The blackness

Feel more of it

and less of you

On both sides of you

Sense it

Stay connected to it

Become more aware of it

The blackness

Become less aware of you

All....around you

Sense more of it

and less of you

And, relax

into nothing

And, now it's time to awaken your center of power

to empower an intention

your center of will

and strength


Find it

Feel it

Stay aware of it

Feel your connection to it

Giving it life with your attention

That's energy in three

Feel it

Notice it

Stay connected to it

It's time to strengthen your inner army

the inner world that protects you

You got to feel it

Can you teach your immune system what it feels like to be in Empowered by a new energy?

Feel it

Experience it

Become it

Let your cells receive the message

Become empowered

Feel into power

It's within you

Bring it to life

Embody it

Become invincible

It's the energy of massive order

Coherence of a marching army

the power of one indestructible legion

the intense depth of strong protection

Become it

Become this energy

And, let your immune system be filled with vitality and life

Feel it

Feel the robust force of life

endless power

and energy

the momentum of wholeness

a symphony of harmony and order

become it

Allow your body to receive the message

It is the power of life

The symphony of harmony

And, remember this feeling

Connected to three

That's energy

that heals

Now, take a moment and receive

Feel it

Experience it

Relax into it

And, remember this feeling

And, open your heart and receive

in wholeness

having an inner order

that's assertive



and unstoppable


and overpowering


and potent




and divide

Allow that energy to flow through your Sacred Heart.


in the blackness

that's energy

in your heart

That's a little more wholeness

in your heart

that's energy

in your heart

And, remember this feeling

and who do you want to be when you open your eyes? with this energy in your heart?

Feel into your heart

That's more life

In your heart

Slowly bring your awareness back to a new body

that's greater than the environment

and a whole new future in time

and when you're ready

you can open your eyes

and come back to the material world

in this space and time

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