Confront by Deepak Chopra

Confront by Deepak Chopra

Artists: Deepak Chopra, Kabir Sehgal, Paul Avgerinos
Album: Spiritual Warrior
Released: 2020
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The Spiritual Warrior confronts obstacles. Not in an aggressive or angry way. Think of what gives you grief, anger and pain. Envision it. And now let it go by thinking to yourself. I am letting go. Breathe it out.

We forgive people not because someone has acknowledged causing pain or suffering, but because your own mind deserves peace. When we confront what we desire or fear. We understand that which we must relinquish. Today, know that the only thing you have access to is a perceptual activity within the narrow band of human experience.

We interpret that perceptual activity as what we call thought. But the very fact that we are aware of our thoughts means that they’re not our thoughts. The very fact that we are aware of the mind means that we are not the mind. The very fact that we are aware of the changing perceptual activity that we call the body means that you’re not the body. The fact that you are aware of the world. Implies that you are not the world. In fact, body, mind and world are modified aspects of your own being.

There being is you: formless, eternal, timeless. Everything else that appears in the spin of consciousness, mind, body, world is a unified experience is just a modification of you as a species specific perceptual cognitive activity. Today, remind yourself. I am intrinsically free from everything that I observe.

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