Breathwork for Embracing Change (feat. Michelle D'Avella) by Pushing Beauty

Breathwork for Embracing Change (feat. Michelle D'Avella) by Pushing Beauty

What if I told you that knowing how to breathe properly could be the key to loving yourself more? Would you believe me? You would after you listen to this breathwork meditation with Pushing Beauty, a meditation resource for conscious men and women.

“You can’t stay stuck with the same view of yourself. Because you are always changing, constantly evolving. Happiness is a way of being, not a place where you have to arrive in order to finally be happy.”

Pushing Beauty

Track: Breathwork for Embracing Change (feat. Michelle D’Avella)
Artist: Pushing Beauty
Release Date: 2020

Meditation Lession

Embracing change. It’s time to reconnect, to hope, to pull yourself out of the habit, to numb out, stop watching so much TV. This isn’t the time for apathy. We’re at a turning point in your growth as a contribution, stay committed to digging deeper and you will be rewarded. You’re supported much more than you even realize.

The times when you feel least supported, lean into the earth, allow yourself to feel your anger and grief, but then let it be released. Do you notice where you choose to hold on to your pain? Send what’s expelled from your body to the earth to be composted and provide offerings and exchange. It’s time to bring more awareness to your relationship with the earth.

As winter approaches in the Northern hemisphere, it’s a time to go inward and slow down though. You may not be able to get your bare feet on the earth. In many places, you can still develop your capacity for reverence and respect for the earth. It’s time to cultivate a deeper relationship. So you can feel the support that is inherently there.

Humanity is transforming along with you. This cultivation of relationship. Asks you to listen to what you have not been able to hear before these times are teaching us all the importance of being together. The importance of being held, the value of looking one another in the eye, the power of a hug. What else are you being asked to see that you have not yet seen?

What preciousness of your being have you taken for granted? The more, you are willing to listen and observe the more your awareness expands, the more you will be able to see, just because we don’t feel supported doesn’t mean that we aren’t. There are strong patterns of belief and behavior that we hold tight to.

Even with clenched fists, we’re often unwilling to admit that we’re holding on tight.

This is a time for change a time for letting go a time for loosening your grip. It’s only through letting go that you can learn to trust that you will find the evidence that you will be caught. If you’re unwilling to let go, you’ll never get to discover the safety in your fall, lean into your creative expression in these times of change.

Nourish your body with unprocessed foods listen deeply. And most importantly, try not to take it all too seriously. One of the energies that must be transmuted in order to grow is cynicism. Where do you mock yourself or your experience? It’s time to grow into the mature spiritual being that you truly are.

Bring sincerity to your every moment. Bring it to your relationships, bring it to the willingness to love yourself, bring it to your decisions to trust. Bring it to your choice to let go through this transition. It’s important to also nourish your psyche, do something to stimulate your mind. It’s time to wake from the slumber of bingeing, Netflix, and scrolling through Instagram.

Find something to stimulate your mind. To stoke the embers of curiosity to ignite your soul, to move towards something satisfying. Don’t complicate any of this changes upon us. And it’s important to keep things as simple as possible. Simplicity allows us to keep a clear mind and open heart. It clears us of the clutter that weighs us down and allows us to be flexible and agile, something that is so necessary in these times.

Where are you holding on when you know, it’s time to let go. When you’re willing to let go, you make space to receive something else. When my beloved Kona bear passed last month, his absence has left me heartbroken, but I’ve also gained something. I have gained a deeper knowing of how great our love was. I have gained a guide on the other side.

I have gained a different kind of love than we had before it hurts. And it’s hard, but it’s also okay. There are some losses. We have a San and others. We don’t, whether we have a say or not, we have a choice in how easily we allow ourselves to let go, letting go. Doesn’t mean we don’t feel pain. It doesn’t mean the pain is any less than it would have been.

But when we let go with love, we don’t suffer. Suffering happens when we resist letting go. When we resist the hurt of the experience and we linger in the denial of the situation longer than is healthy for us. This is where we can participate in our own suffering this year as a great teacher and loss for all of us, we have all lost something, whether it was a loved one, a beloved pet connection with others, a job, a home, et cetera.

Many of us have also gained something. Have you been willing to see what you have gained? If you’re willing to embrace change? There may just be many unexpected gifts to be received.


Welcome to breathwork for embracing change, lay down somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, uncross your arms and legs. Have your palms facing up.

And we’ll begin with one or two breaths in through the nose. Let it all go out the mouth, allow yourself to arrive in this moment in your body.

On your next inhale, we’ll begin, actively breathing, breathe in through the mouth, into your belly, in through the mouth, into your heart. Let it go out the mouth.

Belly heart exhale in through the belly, in through the heart. Let it all go.

So your entire practice will be breathing through the mouth, activating the energy in your body.

And if you’re new to this work, you can say out loud, it’s safe for me to breathe.

And your breath is going to be continuous Valley heart. Let it go right back into your belly. Into your heart release.

And so just as we’re beginning to feel more connected to the body, you can just acknowledge how much change is occurring for some of you. It might seem like nothing is changing, which is what’s the problem. But for all of us, there has been a huge shift in what’s happened collectively.

And you’re just going to breathe in and acknowledge exactly where you are. However stuck you feel, however overwhelmed you feel by change.

Breathing into it, having compassion for it.

And for some of you, this overwhelm or this stagnancy might be bringing up some anger and we’re going to work to release that in a few moments for some of you, it’s going to bring up some grief.

Some sadness is already surfacing for you to just let it,

when you’re ready, you can get back to breathing.

If you’re feeling some frustration coming up, or if your body feels really heavy and it feels hard to breathe, lean into the breath a little more, this is the part that might feel a little more challenging this part of the meditation. So you can activate your breath a little more, letting your inhales, Pierce your lungs.

you can bend your knees and put your feet on the ground, pressing your feet into the earth.

Good. So we’re going to move a little energy for any of you who are feeling some anger under the surface, or even just some lethargy. Go ahead and take a deep breath in. If you need to cover your mouth, if you have neighbors or grab a pillow and yell into the pillow, but to seek a big breath in and let out a big yell, the biggest you can muster

If it feels good to your body, you can shake your body out. You can stomp your feet, you can punch the air. You can kind of punch out the ground beneath you without hurting yourself.

and then place your feet on the ground. Bend your knees, keep breathing and press your feet into the ground.

And as you’re breathing, feel the surface of your body against the ground beneath you, whether it’s a bad a couch before the bare earth

feel the surface beneath you. And as you breathe. See, if you can allow your body to be more fully supported by the surface beneath you, can you let go a little more places your muscles are holding on that you’re not even aware of. Can you be held?

feeling that there’s a surface beneath you, that there is something that is holding you say out loud, I’m supported.

and if you don’t feel supported in your life, you can say out loud, I am willing to feel how supported I am.

So the metaphor for the surface that’s beneath you is that the earth is always supporting us, always providing for us.

And so if you already have a relationship with the earth, you can lean into that relationship. Right now, ask the earth to compost some of the sadness or the anger or some of the emotion that’s releasing from your body.

Any stagnant energy that you’re ready to let go of and offering the earth a whole lot of gratitude and exchange.

And if you haven’t yet cultivated a personal relationship with the earth, you can. Call to mind place. You’ve been in your life in nature. That’s spoke to you.

How’s your breathing feel where you are, what it feels like to be in this place. And you can cultivate a sense of reverence

for nature.

and this cultivation of relationship with the earth.

Is going to give you the ability to feel the support that’s inherently there. That’s inherently, always there.

You can start to lean into your relationship to something greater than yourself. Spirit, the universe, God, whatever word resonates for you.

spirit guides, your angels, your beloved loved ones. Who’ve transitioned.

seeing if you can lean into their support. Maybe feeling them, calling them in feeling them surrounding you as you breathe.

you can shake your hands out at your wrists and place your palms over your heart.

feeling into this connection with the earth is connection with those in the spirit realm.

No matter how much things are changing for you in your life, no matter how overwhelming it feels you have constant support and you have the ability to cultivate these relationships so that you can feel supported in your life.

Kinda feel into some of the areas in your life where you’re holding on really tight, maybe some areas where you’re in denial that you’re holding on tight. And you can say out loud, I’m willing to know the truth

and say, it’s safe for me to let go.

And when you say that, feel that connection. To the earth, to the surface beneath you to your guides, to spirit, to the universe,

feeling yourself held,

allow your heart to open. Feel your own love for yourself. Cocoon yourself. With your own love.

And in that space of feeling held, you can say I’m willing to let go.

one N whatever energy comes with that, whatever needs to be released. You can let out a big yell. You can stop.

Maybe you feel a sense of freedom or relief. Honor whatever’s coming up wherever you’re at.

and maybe you begin to acknowledge the ways that. You’ve participated in your own suffering

times when you’ve held on longer than you needed to hold on to pain, hold onto grudges, held on to things, places, ways of being resentments.

Can you open your hands and let it all go.

And you might need to say out loud, I forgive myself.

you can be kin to. Transition your breath. If you can, you can take some breaths in through the nose, out the mouth, extending your legs. If your knees are bent

and beginning to let your breath. Regularly on its own.

If your nose isn’t too stuffy, you can just breathe gently through your nose, but just let go of your breath. No more active breathing.

and feeling into your body, everything you’ve just let go of.

choose what you’re calling in, what you want to fill in with that space. Well, you want to let in

deeper love joy, grace gratitude, peace.

and maybe, and all that’s changing, you can begin to see the gifts.

What are you being asked to see, to know and to receive.

quite a few years ago, I wrote a poem on self-love when I was learning what it really meant to love myself. And towards the end of the poem, I have a couple of lines. I’m going to leave you with.

I love that. It’s always okay. Even when it feels like it’s not, I love becoming a new person every day, a freer person, a lighter person, a more loved person, a wiser person, a more joyful person. I love changing.

Thank you for being here with me, until next time.